Creamery to Sell Ice Cream Sandwiches at Retail Store

Marissa Smith

Craving a sweet treat on the go? No worries - the Iowa State University Creamery (Creamery) is adding a grab-and-go option to its menu.

In collaboration with Des Moines based cookie company Iowa Cookie Co., the new ‘Grabbers’ will feature a full scoop of ISU Creamery’s Two Swans vanilla ice cream sandwiched between a halved Iowa Cookie Co. fresh baked cookie. Three flavors will be available for purchase:

  • Fairy Floss: Premium vanilla ice cream in an almond sugar cookie with blue and pink sprinkles, crushed golden Oreos, and vanilla frosting, rolled in sprinkles.
  • Holy Roller: Premium vanilla ice cream in a brown sugar cookie with semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips.
  • Double D: Premium vanilla ice cream in a dark chocolate cookie with dark and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

The inclusion of ice cream sandwiches to the inventory has always been on a part of the Creamery’s vision. When the Iowa Cookie Co. reached out to the Creamery about a joint product venture, both organizations were excited to collaborate with local business to create the new products.

“We are pumped,” said Sarah Canova, Sarah Canova, ISU Creamery business administrator. “We’re really excited to add another really exciting product. The cookies are so different than other ice cream sandwiches that you would get at the store, so having something really premium to offer is awesome.”

The ice cream Grabbers will be sold for $6.50 in a limited supply at the Creamery’s retail store during regular hours, beginning Saturday, April 30.

“We are thrilled to finally be paired up with our favorite ice cream company, the ISU Creamery,” said Jordi Doughty, founder and owner of Iowa Cookie Co. “We are really looking forward to this partnership!”