Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made from scratch using high quality ingredients and each flavor honors Iowa State University history, traditions, and people. 


The College Flavors

Winning flavors in the "Ice Cream Flavors of Iowa State Colleges" contest, open to all faculty, staff, and alumni of Iowa State University, held in the summer of 2020!

Agriculture and Life Sciences: Pasture Bedtime

Created by 2018 Food Science graduates (Evan McCoy, Timothy Lott, Mikaela Galdonik), this flavor represents the energy and determination of CALS. The appearance reflects the richness and diversity of Iowa soil and the CALS community.

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Design: Lunar Lavender

Created by Industrial Design students (Daniel Vandersteen & Aaron Born), this flavor represents the cathartic time that all College of Design students spend in the studio late at night. The soft sweetness of this flavor is intended to satisfy the late-night cravings that arise during long nights of studio time. The honey is sourced from the ISU Horticulture Farm, and can be purchased at the ISU Bookstore.                               

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Graduate: Alma Mater Baklava

Created by a Food Science alumnus (Kris E. Spence), this flavor represents the collaboration between all departments and organizations shown in the Graduate College. The baklava (nuts & granola) symbolizes the rich diversity of cultures and countries that are celebrated at Iowa State University.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Lemon Berry bLASt

Created by alumni (Kristen (Turnquist) Fox & Shelby (Ullrich) Zomermaand), this flavor was inspired by the old tradition of women receiving lemon drops if they hadn’t kissed someone under the campanile by their senior year. This sweet twist on a sour tradition represents the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences teaching of critical thinking and challenging the status quo.

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Business: Business Brew

Created by business students (Justin Brtek, Rohan Brahmarouthu, Andrew Simon, Daniel Burke, Ani Yam),this flavor represents the College of Business because the “Ivy community never settles.” The flavor inspiration comes from the ‘Donuts with the Dean’ event and the achiever mindset that permeates throughout Gerdin.

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Engineering: Marston Mash

Created by engineering alumni (Ezra Iliff, Luke Lawson, Connor Kennedy), this flavor represents the College of Engineering’s collaborative efforts to create great works by utilizing all types of engineers. It also honors former Dean, Anson Marston, who helped build the Campanile and restore Lake Lavern.

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Salted Caramel
Human Sciences: Human Sci Sweet Cherry Pie

Created by alumni (Amy Matthies, Deb Nilles, Samantha Nilles), this flavor was inspired by two generations making cherry pies in the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom and the experience of sweet corn ice cream during a volunteer trip in Belize. This treat represents the traditions of the College of Human Sciences and the adventurous spirit that the college’s students and alumni embrace.

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Sweet Corn
Veterinary Medicine: White Chocolate Squirrel

Created by alumna(Kipp Van Dyke)and staff in the Dean of Students Office, this flavor represents the College of Veterinary Medicine through honoring the ever-elusive, leucistic squirrel. CVM students care for all animals and can teach the rest of the ISU community that the famous white squirrel is not considered albino because it maintains the same eye color as other squirrels.

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White Chocolate

Iowa State Flavors

Campanile Kiss

Honors the ISU tradition of Campaniling. A student officially becomes an Iowa Stater when kissed under the campanile at midnight. President Edgar Stanton established the first campanile in 1897 as a way to honor his late wife, Margaret.

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Ice Cream Flavor
ChampionCHIP Kyven Dough

This deliciously awesome treat is brought to you by Iowa State alumni, Kyven Gadson. In 2015, Kyven proclaimed, "I just want some ice cream!" after winning his NCAA Championship match on ESPN. The flavor represents Iowa State Wrestling's rich history of gold and greatness. Gadson is currently training to become the 7th Olympic Gold medalist from Iowa State University. The chocolate chip cookie dough is sourced from Thelma's Treats in Des Moines, Iowa. Read more about ChampionCHIP Kyven Dough!

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Reiman Remix

This new delicious ice cream flavor was the winning flavor of the ISU Creamery Children’s Coloring Contest that was held in June. Emma Deal, age 11, submitted this flavor with the explanation that if you mixed the ice cream up really well, then it will look like the ‘dirt’ at Reiman Gardens. Mr. Reiman has since revised this description with the term ‘soil’ at Reiman Gardens. We are pleased to offer this flavor for a limited time, by scoop only, in the retail store starting on Saturday, July 17th.

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Iowa State University’s 16th president, Dr. Wendy Wintersteen, is the first woman president of the institution.

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Ice Cream Flavor
Cardinal Tracks

Honors the official mascot of Iowa State University, the cardinal Cy, who was created in 1954. Wilma Beckman Ohlsen of Ames originated Cy and received a stadium blanket as her prize.

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Ice Cream Flavor

This Scotcheroo ice cream honors two outstanding ISU alumni. George Washington Carver performed extensive research on peanut products and Mildred Day invented the Rice Krispies™ Treats. This concept was proposed by a team of four food science seniors, and won our 2017 Signature Ice Cream Contest.

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Ice Cream Flavor
Two Swans

Smooth as the swans gliding across Lake LaVerne, this vanilla is a nod to Lancelot and Elaine, the two swans who find their home at Lake LaVerne. The first swans were introduced to campus during VEISHEA 1935 and were named Lancelot and Elaine by Jean Nesinwanger. Jean won $10 for creating the names.

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Ice Cream Flavor

The Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm (now Iowa State University) was established on March 22, 1858. In 1862, the Iowa legislature voted to accept the provision of the Morrill Act, which established the opportunity for an agricultural and mechanical arts college in every state—making ISU one of the first land-grant institutions in the U.S.

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Ice Cream Flavor
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